I am Daphne Lyell

I am an integrative medical doctor (GP) and a homeopath. I run a practice that looks at the the whole family and considers the background and context of the client that comes to see me. I treat them as an individual considering their specific condition, context and environment and we tailor care accordingly.

What to expect from a consultation:

The initial consult is ninety minutes long.  During this time I often mostly listen to your story and start identifying areas that contribute to your current imbalances.

In the history we include family and childhood history, medical incidents or significant mental, emotional, occupational, relational and familial stressors.  We cover nutritional history including specific symptoms of imbalance, contraception,  sleep and exercise.  We also aim to cover creativity and purpose if time allows.  This is the time where I get to mentally braille you and start noticing the ‘holes’ in the story.  We often need to look at filling some of these holes and the body will start filling the rest.

Depending on your specific story, we will then decide what the best next step is – sometimes starting with a homeopathic remedy or specific herbals will be the best step, other options are blood tests or perhaps a stool, urine or hair sample looking at specific markers of inflammation, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metals.

From here we’ll arrange follow ups to ensure we strike a balance of care and guidance.  I want to be clear that I am not in the outdated vertical hierarchy of patient and doctor.  Instead I view our professional relationship as a horizontal one.  You’ve done whatever you’ve done to bring yourself into a place where the body now gives us symptoms.  Together we can re-look at poor lifestyle habits, ingrained wrong perceptions and misunderstandings, but the work lies with you.  You make the choices on a daily basis.

My areas of focus are:

Gut health and hormonal health

These systems are inextricable linked.  There are multiple disruptors of gut health that in various ways then have a knock on effect on hormones.  I sit with women on the whole spectrum of hormonal imbalance.  From young women with painful, irregular periods to fertility issues and peri-and post menopause.

When addressing and balancing hormones, the approach is always from the base of the pyramid upwards, starting with

GUT – ADRENALS – THYROID – SEX HORMONES (progesterone/estrogen/testosterone) – and very seldom GROWTH HORMONE.

As we start with gut, the effect filters through and less and less work needs to be done in order to create balance.

I also do cervical smears (or  better known as Pap smears) as needed for routine screening.


In my practice I care for newborns and do six week checks for well-babies.  In these sessions we ensure that moms and babes are both cared for.  We walk the road to starting solids and navigating this (sometimes) confusing time.

I work with parents to look at nutritional, herbal and supplemental support in order help them build their immunity.

General Health

I work with clients to solve acute and chronic symptoms.  As is part of the current disease milieu, I’ve drawn more and more auto-immune clients.  This usually points to leaky gut first and then addressing inflammation drivers and supporting the body to tip the scale towards an anti-inflammatory state thereby allowing time for repair and healing.

We create sustainable solutions through medicine, homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, supplementation, nutrition and mindfulness.