I am Daphne Lyell

I am a holistic medical doctor (GP) and a homeopath. I run a practice that looks at the the whole family and considers the background and context of the client that comes to see me. I treat them as an individual considering their specific condition, context and environment and we tailor care accordingly.  I acknowledge the importance of nutrition on the road to health and optimal living.  My areas of focus are:

Pregnancy and birth

I work with women during their pregnancy and tend to them for home births.


In my practice I care for newborns and do six week checks for well-babies.  In these sessions we ensure that moms and babes are both cared for.  We walk the road to starting solids and navigating this (sometimes) confusing time.

I work with parents to look at nutritional, herbal and supplemental support in order help them build their immunity.

General Health

I work with clients to solve acute and chronic symptoms. We create sustainable solutions through medicine and nutrition by reviewing gut health and repair as needed.