Fermentation and the Microbiome

This course is designed for anyone interested in finding out about fermenting food and why this is good for us.  We discover how fermented foods – or variations on the original – are still an integral part of our diet even today.

We define what the microbiome is and see what the impact of this relatively newly discovered ‘organ’ is.  We look at the link between our gut, our immune system and the microbiome.

We look at the age of antibiotics and the global crisis with regards to bacterial resistance to these drugs.

We consider why it might be time to think more about adding probiotics and prebiotics into our every day lives as opposed to always asking for an antibiotic.

There will be a demonstration on how to make some fermented foods either sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kombucha or kimchi.  We’ll discuss how our very own plate of food can be helping us optimally digest and assimilate the nutrients it contains and prevent a multitude of conditions – physical, emotional and mental.

Come and join me for 2 hours.  It really is a fascinating topic.

Date of next course:

18 November 2017

This course will hosted by Healthy Kids are Cool.  Log onto their facebook page for bookings please

Price R300 per person