Common Childhood Ailments

This course was designed for parents who are keen to learn about their child’s health and what to do when disease presents itself.  This is really handy for ‘new’ parents or parents wanting to be more informed about childhood diseases and how to effectively start treating them at home.

I teach a little bit of basic anatomy and some of the medical jargon.

It’s about educating parents on what is ‘normal’, when to keep your child at home, when to phone their care provider for an appointment the same or next day and when it’s serious enough to contact their care provider on the way to the emergency room.  We talk about simple things like, for example, the differences between bacterial and viral infections and when antibiotics would be indicated.

I cover the five common childhood ailments – fever, sore throat, cough, ‘diarrhoea and vomiting’ and sore ears.

We discuss when and why antibiotics would be indicated and why it’s a good idea to avoid if not.

The course is either run on a Saturday morning or over 2 week nights.  We explore nutrition and home remedies, herbal supplements and other alternatives to mainstream care.

We discuss how to build immunity and what the avenues are to help us do so.

It’s a great opportunity to meet with likeminded parents.

Next course date:

Saturday, 31st August 2019

09:00 till 13:00 (light snack included).

Price R900 for both parents or R650 for one.

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