My philosophy on health and wellness

I am Daphne Lyell – I am an integrative medical doctor(GP) and a homeopath.  My philosophy lies in educating and assisting patients and parents in creating healthy, balanced and resilient human beings that can bounce back from imbalance and stress.

Together we identify the cause and root of the problem.  We talk, we explore and through your stories we braille the way to go.

The way I understand this life is that we go through our days collecting experiences and forming relationships.  The first, and most important relationship is the one we forge with ourselves – which is an ongoing process of reflecting and reshaping.  This impacts every other relationship we form.  This affects how resilient we are to stress, which in turn affects our susceptibility to disease.

Health is more than the mere absence of symptoms, it is the interplay of the physical, emotional and mental realms with a dynamic interaction with our environment physical and relational.  We are complex and integrated beings with our minds affecting our health and body.  It is the sum total of the experience of being alive.  Being fully human.

We are born into a lineage with a genetic history.  This is our blueprint and provides certain building blocks.  Some of this is set, some of this acquired and a lot of it is self determined and self inflicted.

I have always had a deep love for the childbearing years.  I support midwife led care for low risk mothers as this normal physiological process of becoming pregnant, carrying a child and birthing our offspring is not only a rite of passage for new mothers, but a pivotal time of creating parents that can find their inner compass again.  We live in a society that supports finding outside sources to make us feel OK.  In finding the courage to turn inward again and connecting with our gut and instinct, we can create a safe support for our young that allow them to blossom into conscious, loved and loving beings.

I was told very early on by one of the ‘matriarchal midwives’ that I must ‘unlearn’ my medical approach to birth, only after tending to home birth moms do I understand what she meant.  I’m grateful to her for bringing me to question what I was taught and passionate about sharing this with parents.

I no longer work in the typical birthing room, but it recently dawned on me that my presence at birth has now expanded to include men and women.  In the practice I witness how clients transform and are sometimes so changed, that calling it a form of re-birth, is nothing short of what it is.

I care for newborns and do six week visits for babies.  I care for older kids too.  Some kids I see and treat are vaccinated and others the parents have chosen not to vaccinate, or delay.  I am keen to inform parents on how to guard the integrity of their young one’s gut/immune systems.  I really enjoy that I have two toolboxes to choose from – the orthodox medical and the alternative.  I prescribe from whichever is necessary within reason.  Some parents look for a quick fix and prefer a more mainstream approach while others want a much more holistic view.  We do what is best for the patient at that time.

I run a course on the Common Childhood Ailments educating parents on what is ‘normal’, when to keep and treat at home, when to phone their care provider for an appointment the same or next day and when it’s serious enough to contact their care provider on the way to the emergency room.  We talk about simple things like, for example, the differences between bacterial and viral infections and when antibiotics would be indicated.

Ideally future parents will get themselves into a place of optimal health before conception.  They’ll continue with this during pregnancy while the child benefits of this in utero.  There is very exciting evidence emerging of how something as simple as a healthy gut microbiome* can prevent a myriad of dysfunction such as premature labour, Group B Streptococcal overgrowth and more.  So getting the mother’s gut health optimised allows for her to pass the healthiest possible bacterial/viral/fungal ‘heirloom’ on to her baby.

A healthy newborn gut assists in optimally digesting and assimilating nutrients – starting from breastmilk.  It affects, teaches and orchestrates the immune system and in the long run forms the cornerstone of a balanced and appropriately responding immune system.  In a nutshell this decreases the likelihood of developing food sensitivities and potentially decrease the severity of chronic inflammatory conditions like eczema and asthma.

I run a course on Fermentation and the Microbiome where we delve into the fascinating and recently recognised symbiotic relationship with our own microorganisms and how they affect our mind and body.  We look at which foods to include in our diet and how to prepare them.  It’s a course for everyone that eats.

I look forward to working with you.  The road of creating health as opposed to fighting disease is so much more fulfilling, exciting and wholesome.  I’ll happily walk next to you.


*The microbiome is the term referring to the vast number of bacteria and viruses living in and on our body.  We have an intricate relationship of interdependence.  They assist in protecting us against germs, help us breakdown food and produce certain vitamins.  They outnumber us by about ten to one.  More about this in the course on Fermentation and the Microbiome mentioned above.